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 "The Secrets of How to Memorize Music"

Frustrated with your memory?

Have you always wondered why you had a memory slip on a spot you thought you knew well?

Do you want to get to the next level of playing piano?

This FREE course will teach you everything about memorizing a piece of music and applying actionable strategies in your practice. 

 "The Secrets of How to Memorize Music"

This course includes:

  1. Understanding Memorization

    1. The Benefits of Memorizing Music

    2. How Various Types of Memory Work

  2. Principles and the Process

    1. How Brain Process Information

    2. How Musical Memory Work

  3. A Visual Map - Applying the Visual Map for Für Elise by Beethoven

  4. Actionable Strategies

    1. Practice Strategy - Part 1

    2. Practice Strategy - Part 2

    3. Interleaved Practice and Strategy

What Our Students Say

Kyunghee Hayashigawa, SD

A review for the course

Innovative, engaging, well-organized, and motivating! The course certainly taken me to the next level when I completed the course

5 star review from a student

Kenneth Turner, WI

I felt as if Jeeyoon Kim was in the same room talking to me personally. I love her style and appreciated her smany insights on glitching under pressure. Her focus on multiple modality memorization techniques was spot-on.

A review for The Secrets of How to memorize music

Kelly Reed, NY

This is a great course if you are serious about practicing and improving your practice. It may be too detailed for the casual student of beginning musician. I got a lot out of it.

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