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Start Piano Today!
The Fun and Quality Way

No more frustrating and boring lessons. 

The concert pianist and educator, Dr. Kim, will lead you to the enchanting classical music world in an engaging way! 


Jumpstart Your Piano Adventure

Need help with your piano study? Are you looking for the best quality piano instructor for your child in San Diego? Are you starting your piano journey as an adult or finally coming back to it? Are you looking for a supplementary online courses for your piano study? 

Finding the right instructor for you is not an easy task. Especially if you've never had a quality instructor, you may not know how to start to find the right one for you. 

At Dr. Kim Piano Academy, Dr. Kim is passionate about engaging lessons to help you to connect with music and provide the right tools like a proper technique and musicianship to become a wonderful pianist. 

Dr. Kim guides you step by step toward becoming a pianist of your dreams.