Piano Lessons

Dr. Kim Piano Academy offers private piano lessons for all ages, and lessons are held in the private studio located in Hillcrest in San Diego, California. Lesson times will be arranged individually after free initial interview. There are two recitals in winter and spring, and students have opportunities to participate in local festivals and masterclasses. Based on needs, there is a seperate theory class also offered.
Lessons are  60 minutes in length, and a monthly tuition is needed to be paid in advance at the 1st of the month. There are 32 weeks of lessons per a year according to the academy calendar, and the tuition is evenly calulated for each month. Automatic payment through banks is strongly encouraged. Typically lessons are once a week, but sometimes students might be advsied to take two lessons a week for more efficient learning. 
Registration Fee
Annual registration fee for one student is $25. (for one family $35 per year) 
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-Weekly Private Lesson Plans Available-
60 minutes Lessons   :  $383/a month 
90 minutes Lessons   :  $550/a month
Payment Options
  • Check payable to Dr. Jeeyoon Kim
  • Automatic Bank Payment
  • Cash
  • Credit card in person