Adult Piano Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn how to play piano?

Were you used to play piano when you were young, but want to play it again?


It is never too late to start or pick up playing piano again at any age! Dr.Kim will take you a musical journey through piano that you will never regret. Typical lessons are well rounded including note reading, general musicianship, keyboard technique, lead sheet reading, music theory and your favorite songs that you want to learn! All lessons will be tailored to your goal, level and focus. 

Lessons are typically 60 minutes or 90 minutes in lenghth, and once a week. Monthly tuitions needs to be paid in advance at the beginning of month. The monthly tuition is evenly calculated according to the academy calendar for having 32 weeks lessons per a year. Automatic payment through banks is strongly encouraged. 

Dr. Kim Piano Academy, Piano Party from Dr. Kim Piano Academy on Vimeo.


Registration Fee 
Annual registration fee for one student is $25.
Contact now for the initial Consultation/interview!
(619) 609-0986
-Weekly Lesson Plans Available-
60 minutes lessons, $383/a month
90 minutes Lessons, $550/a month
Payment Options
  • Check payable to Dr. Jeeyoon Kim
  • Automatic Bank Payment
  • Cash
  • Credit card in person

  suzi "

'Jeeyoon is a wonderful teacher. Her lessons are informative, challenging, and fun! I started from scratch, have been taking lessons from her for just two months, and am already playing music. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found such an amazing teacher (not to mention an incredibly talented performer!). If you are serious about learning to play piano, and want to work with the best, then I enthusiastically recommend her to you.' -Gary (adult student) 

"Dr. Kim really impressed me from the very first lesson.  She was patient, clear and was able to improve my playing immediately.  She really knows what she is doing and her teaching style was exactly right for me.  Since starting lessons with her I am motivated and inspired to be my best and reach my new piano goals with her methods.  Thank you Dr. Kim!" -Nathan (adult student)

"In a few short years Dr. Kim has helped me improve my piano skills dramatically and far exceeded my expectations. Her lessons are very well organized and provide ample exposure to music theory. All of her instructions are clear and concise, attributable to her depth of knowledge. With her support and positive attitude even challenging lessons are rewarding and enjoyable. I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful teacher and would recommend her services to anyone, regardless of age or skill level." -Adam (adult student)

" She has helped me get out of being so in my head and I now can play so much more naturally and freely using her techniques. I would recommend Jeeyoon as an instructor to anyone, whether beginner or advanced. You will feel progress and improvement from the very first lesson." -Larry (adult student)