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What do students and parents are saying about studying with Dr. Kim

  • Dr. Kim is a Recepient of a Steinway & Sons Top Teacher Award in 2016; recognized as an example for excellence in music education, artistry and performance by a musical brand that is an icon of the highest quality in music

Greg (adult student)

"Dr. Jeeyoon Kim is a wonderful teacher and someone I'll never forget. She is an artist of the highest caliber who has decided to share her passion and talent with her grateful students. She is simply the best and I am happy that she is being recognized for all that she does - perform with mastery, passion and incredible insight...and takes the time to share that with us, students,  so that together we can create a journey of our own. Thanks for your motivation and instruction. We are all so lucky to have her!!"

Paul (adult student)

"It was one of the great days of my life when I was looking for a piano teacher and found Dr. Kim. The process of learning to make music has made me tremendously happy and I owe it to her. She does not just teach piano,  she teaches a life to her students."

Larry (adult student)

"I have had lessons with Jeeyoon Kim for 5 years. She is patient, kind, and has an exceptional way of explaining and teaching. I have played several instruments and taken many lessons from different teachers over the years and Jeeyoon is a big reason why piano is now my favorite. She has helped me get out of being so in my head and I now can play so much more naturally and freely using her techniques. I would recommend Jeeyoon as an instructor to anyone, whether beginner or advanced. You will feel progress and improvement from the very first lesson."

Adam (adult student)

"In a few short years Dr. Kim has helped me improve my piano skills dramatically and far exceeded my expectations. Her lessons are very well organized and provide ample exposure to music theory. All of her instructions are clear and concise, attributable to her depth of knowledge. With her support and positive attitude even challenging lessons are rewarding and enjoyable. I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful teacher and would recommend her services to anyone, regardless of age or skill level."

Magaret (parent)

"My son got interested in piano at the age of 10, which is a bit older than when most kids begin their piano lessons. I enrolled him in the Butler University Community Arts program, where Dr. Jeeyoon Kim was assigned as his faculty mentor. Jeeyoon was the most wonderful teacher to my boy and instilled in him a love for music so strong, that my family will forever be indebted to her. We love music, but I have no formal training in music, nor does my husband. Jeeyoon single handedly trained our son so well, and so quickly, that within two years of starting from zero, this child qualified for the Young Hoosier State Piano championship finals, and continued to repeat that feat subsequently. It was success beyond our wildest imagination. More than competition success, she forged a great bond with my intelligent but introverted child, which allowed him to blossom and become a quality musician and confident performer. Our son continues his piano training today with faculty of Dr. Kim’s recommendation, but he misses her greatly after she moved on with a new faculty position in a new state. I thank Dr. Kim for everything she has done for my child, and the fantastic journey that she helped initiate for our family. I wish her the very best of success and happiness in her life. With much affection and gratitude – the mother of one of Jeeyoon’s former students."

Maggie (adult student)

"Now I can play piano and enjoy it very much every second with her lessons.. I didn't think it could be possible as I started piano after I retired! She is just the best. Where can you find the perfect combination of such a high level pianist of her caliber and the best teacher at the same time? I am totally blessed to encounter her as my teacher."

Ms. Woods (parent)

"Dr. Kim has been very sensitive and intuitive about what she needs in piano instruction. Before we met her, I knew that whoever took her on as a student would need to be able to fill in the gaps in her learning while at the same time, challenge her to push herself to do more than she thought she could. She has definitely done that! On more than one occasion, my daughter would listen to a piece Dr.Kim wanted her to learn and then say "I can't play that!" :-) But, sure enough, with Dr.Kim's guidance, she was eventually able to play each of those songs. I think that in some cases, she has been motivated to learn because she knew Dr.Kim had the confidence in her to do it."

 Katy (parent)

"Katriona has really blossomed as a pianist under Dr. Kim's guidance. She has the perfect teaching style for her and are such a good role model. We also know she really cares."

James (adult student)

"She is the best teacher I ever had regardless the field. Kind, patient and really knows what she is doing. The most importantly, she really loves music. That is just contagious. I absoluely love studying with her."

Catherine (undergraduate student from group piano classes)

"I found Dr.Kim's teaching in a group setting was very instructional and her encouragement made me want to do my best in class. I felt like she still gave personal feedback and I was able to develop my skills more in her piano class than any other piano classes I took at butler University."

Michelle (undergraduate student from group piano classes)

"I enjoyed Dr.Kim's classes and thought she was a wonderful teacher! She was always very positive and encouraging and when we did not understand some of the musical theory concepts, instead of just dropping the matter or having us figure it out on our own, she made up worksheets for us to practice with every week. She was also very understanding of our scheduling demands as a group of dancers--something that many professors are unsympathetic to. Thanks to her, I have retained quite a bit of the musical theory knowledge, and, as a dancer, it has become more valuable than I knew it would."

Tonie (parent)

"Our daughter, Rachel, was a latecomer to piano and began taking lessons at age 15. Up to that point she was self-taught, but had already placed in the Finals of a state piano competition. As her first teacher, Dr. Kim was able to take the skills Rachel had already picked up and develop those further, as well as fill in the gaps of her piano study. Dr. Kim set high standards and goals and our daughter, eager and motivated to please her, stretched herself to reach those standards. Under Dr. Kim's instruction, Rachel ended up being a 4-time finalist in the state piano competition, reaching Honorable Mention in the Classical category in 2014. Dr. Kim is professional, pleasant and dedicated. She was always prompt and thorough in communicating with us about lessons and recitals. She has a passion for music and teaching and is an outstanding piano instructor. "

Penny (parent)

"Dr. Kim was the piano teacher for both of my kids since they started piano lessons. Under her guidance, both children have progressed nicely in piano and musical theory. We greatly appreciate that Dr. Kim always kept high expectations on the students, but was also very encouraging and willing to put time to help them achieve the goals. Her teaching is very well structured --- with her highly organized weekly worksheets, a parent with little piano knowledge (like myself) was able to supervise the kids practice at home and really enjoyed it. We are very grateful to have her as the first piano teacher for our kids! "

Dongbing (parent)

"My daughter has been with Dr.Kim for almost a year and my son is only with you three times, but they really enjoyed their classes. We see their skills improved dramatically and they have much better understanding of music. The most important thing is, to them, playing music has changed to “do I have to” to “I want to”. This is really our goal. We think music can make people smart and emotionally strong, and Dr. Kim has that magic wand for that to happen. What a beautiful thing!"

Heidi (Parent)

"Dr.Kim taught piano lessons for my kids. We recommended her already for our neighboring friends. She is very talented and motivated. Our kids were inspired by her teaching, and they all love her. She has a kind attitude and is always in a positive mood. She is always on time and she arranges the schedule ahead of time, so we didn't miss any lesson in the past years.I am impressed by her teaching strategies and her knowledge of music. I strongly recommend her to anyone of any age. She has many students from younger ages all the way to adults. She treats everyone with respect and is a very good role model."

Joe (Parent)

 "Dr. Kim had taught my two kids for one year and a half in Indiana. I enjoyed a lot to watch her teaching. She played with them to enrich the music, to show them the right way with more expression. She is very organized and also good at encouraging students. "

Nathan (adult student)

Dr. Kim really impressed me from the very first lesson.  She was patient, clear and was able to improve my playing immediately.  She really knows what she is doing and her teaching style was exactly right for me.  Since starting lessons with her I am motivated and inspired to be my best and reach my new piano goals with her methods.  Thank you Dr. Kim!



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